Healthy Mercy

Being Healthy

Oh man…if only being healthy and losing weight was easy…I would have struggled a lot less over my lifetime! But the truth is it’s not easy…it’s a battle against addiction and temptation and laziness just like any other battle. Anyone with me??

In my own life it’s been a back and forth struggle of victory and defeat over and over again, all the while knowing that consistency in eating healthy and self-discipline is key…but consistency and self-discipline do not come easy or naturally to our flesh am I right??

This morning I’m reminded though that we have a loving and rewarding God…and when we put in some effort, he meets us there and rewards us…when we take one step in faith to do what we know is right, God meets us in our obedience and rewards us. And this is true in every area of our lives. Maybe that doesn’t mean that I will lose the 20 (or 30) lbs I’m really hoping to lose, and maybe that doesn’t mean that I’ll see miraculous weight loss and strength in my body overnight, or that I’ll eventually become superwoman in all the aspects of my life I’d love to be…but what it does mean is that God is with me through the struggle…teaching me, growing me, and giving me grace and mercy when needed (which is almost always lol).

I’m thankful this morning, that I’m not perfect, but that’s okay, and I’m learning every day. God will finish His good works in me in EVERY area of my life! And THAT gives me HOPE and makes me feel like I can take on the world. 

Give yourselves some grace and mercy this morning friends, and then keep on keepin on!!


#healthyliving #graceandmercy #godisgood

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