To Monat or Not To Monat

Okay, so here we go…my take on Monat! (You can view the website by clicking HERE). First, I’d like to say that I am indeed a licensed cosmetologist, and am taught from school and basic education to be weary of certain products and brands you might put on your hair, and with that being said, I wasn’t sure what to think of Monat. I had heard from many professionals that it was wonderful, and from others that they would never trust the products. So, naturally what else can I do, but try it myself?

I received messages from several people about Monat, and questions about whether I was interested in trying the products, or even selling them, so I took those ladies up on their offers, and received samples, as well as bottles to try it out for myself. In my opinion, when it comes to some things, you can’t knock it, until you’ve tried it, so that is what I did. I will say to preface, that I did not try and do not plan to try every Monat item out there, and have only tried 5 different products, so without further ado, here’s my review of the 5 products I have tried!

Overall my experience with Monat was positive, with the exception of one item.

The Renew Shampoo– So I will start by saying, the Renew Shampoo was a no-go for me. While I was at least semi-impressed with the other products, this shampoo was just poo for me. It did not lather, which I am sure is because of its “salt and sulfate-free” formula, and while I do agree that is good and healthy for your hair, it was not spreadable, or easy to manipulate throughout my hair, especially since I have a lot of locks. It also did not leave my hair feeling “hydrated” like the website promises. I was left feeling like I needed to use half the bottle to even cover my entire head with this shampoo, and actually felt, that on the contrary, it was almost too clarifying, or cleansing for my preference and hair type. It felt as though it was stripping my hair of moisture, as opposed to replenishing it. Now hear me out…A good cleansing/clarifying shampoo will do just that, and on purpose, so I am not completely knocking this product because for someone with bad, drugstore shampoo and conditioner build up, or someone who wishes to remove color or a lot of dirt and oil from their hair, this shampoo would be perfect, but my hair is already naturally more dry and frizzy, and thus needs MORE moisture, and so a clarifying shampoo is not appropriate for my hair type. Also, with that being said, all of you color lovers out there, I would be weary of this shampoo because not only have I heard from others of its color-fading results, but now that I have used it myself, I can definitely see how fading could occur faster than color usually fades. ON A BRIGHTER NOTE, I have also heard rumors of Monat coming out with a color-specific line, and also remember that there are still other Monat shampoo options available that I have not tried. So, again I will say, don’t knock it, until you’ve tried it (and preferably the shampoo type that is appropriate for your specific hair needs).


Okay, now to be the good guy…YAY!

The Intense Repair Conditioner– This was a more positive experience for me. I do feel like it was moisturizing, which was a plus after using that shampoo. So all in all, even if I did use the shampoo, and felt it was drying out my hair, the moisture from this conditioner would be my saving grace. Not much to say other than I was pleased. I wouldn’t say that it was necessarily any more moisturizing than my normal salon brand conditioner, but nonetheless, it was, in my opinion, just as good.

The Replenish Masque– Again, moisturizing, and again, I was satisfied with this product. I could see how if I continued to use this product, as well as the Intense Repair Conditioner, that over time I would be even more pleased with my hair results. It left my hair feeling moisturized, and tangle-free.

The Rejuvabeads Split-End Mender– I liked this product a lot actually, and felt like it did smooth out my hair, as well as add even more moisture. It was probably my favorite product that I tried, and if I were to purchase any Monat product in the future, it would probably be this Rejuvabeads. As someone who does not color or bleach my hair, the only “bad” or harmful action I take towards my hair is the application of heat on a weekly basis, and sometimes I forget heat-protection (I know, I know…), and so that being said, dry hair with split ends is my hair nemesis. I could see this product helping that problem in the long run.

Last, but not least, the Blow Out Cream– While this was not my favorite blow out cream that I have ever used, I do think it worked well. It may be that I needed to use more of this product, since I do have very thick, long, dry hair. Remember, the more hair you have, the more product you must use!


So, in conclusion, friends, my overall experience with Monat was fairly positive. However, if your hair is color-treated, I would first ask your stylist about the use of Monat, and possibly wait for their Color-Treated line to make its appearance before buying. Also, make sure that you are purchasing the correct products for your specific hair type (DO NOT just take your distributor’s word for it, because they are NOT NECESSARILY LICENSED PROFESSIONALS). Get the opinion of a professional before using.

If you live in the Harrison, AR area, and are interested in using Monat, feel free to contact the lovely ladies who helped me out, Laura Hamilton, and Amanda Hall. If you live in the Hot Springs, AR area, you can purchase Monat from Crystal Jackson Sims. Know that a lot of stylists are distributors, and know exactly what they are doing!! So in that case, feel free of course to take your stylist/distributor’s advice!

That’s all I have for you lovely friends today, so I hope you have enjoyed my take on Monat!

Much love friends, & God Bless!


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