Blow Dry Tutorial

Here it is, you guys!! My blow drying tips and tutorial for the perfect blow out at home! Hope you all enjoy, and as always leave your questions and comments, or feel free to email me! Be sure to watch the video for a more visual and detailed guide!

Tools/Products Needed:

  1. Blow Dryer with Concentrator attachment.
  2. Clip to pin up your hair as you blow dry in sections.
  3. Round Brush (the larger the brush, the more volume, the smaller the brush, the more curl).
  4. Heat protection spray.
  5. Leave-in conditioner, or blow dry cream for smoothing and anti-frizz.
  6. Shine serum or oil for extra smoothing and shine.
  7. Spray water bottle for re-dampening hair that is too dried out.


  1. Apply Leave-in conditioner and heat protection spray.
  2. Make sure hair is damp (NOT WET) before blow drying. Towel dry, and rough dry with blow dryer first if necessary because you want hair to be 50-75% dry before beginning technique.
  3. Clip up hair leaving only hair in the nape of neck down ( about 1-2 inch section).
  4. Split hair in the back down the middle and bring wet hair to either side of head.
  5. Blow dry with round brush and blow dryer with concentrator attachment, slowly drying each section, and placing dry hair back behind head, laying flat on your back.
  6. Move on to middle section of head, and again split hair in the back bringing around each side to the front on either side of your head. Blow dry sections on each side (taking as small and thin of sections as needed) with brush vertical, and using your arm to push brush through hair following the brush with the blow dryer in your other hand. (I like to use my right hand to hold brush when drying the right side of my head, and my left hand to hold the brush when drying the left side of my head).
  7. Once the hair section you are working on is 90% dry, you can use your fingers to twist brush towards the back to curl the ends of the hair.
  8. Continue to place dried hair flat laying on your back.
  9. Bring down top section of hair and repeat leaving only a mohawk section of hair about 2 inches wide clipped up to blow dry last.
  10. Lastly, blow dry mohawk section from back to front in sliced sections (about 2 in wide and 1 inch thick). Brush up and forward with brush held horizontally, and again following brush with blow dryer held in other hand.

Follow along with the video & Enjoy!! God Bless! -HB

(Please allow time for the video time to load)

If the video does not work CLICK HERE.

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