Beauty From Within

When I was younger I remember looking around at all my friends at school, and even then comparing myself to them…their trendy clothes, and their straight hair…their perfect bodies. Everyone’s body was more perfect than mine, and everyone’s face was more beautiful…WHY DID WE THINK LIKE THIS??? Needless to say this spirit of comparison (which IS a thief of joy!!) had me doubting myself for years in ways I didn’t even realize. I always wanted to be prettier, thinner, and liked by everyone (didn’t we all). Little did I know then, that I was perfect just the way I was, and that inwardly God was trying to develop a lesson inside my heart…that beauty comes from feeling beautiful and loved within, and then showing that love to others.

On the outside, we have to know and realize that physical beauty is in the eye of the beholder…not everyone agrees on what is physically beautiful because we are all different in our preferences, and often our ideas of what is physically beautiful are altered by someone’s personality and characteristics.

For years I doubted whether I was pretty enough, skinny enough, and likable…lovable even…as a female I craved attention from guys in order to prove to myself that I was all of these things, until eventually the one man who mattered most proved His love for me in bigger ways than I could have ever imagined, and I have never been the same since.

Jesus has loved me all along, and while I knew this deep down because I grew up being told that Jesus loved me, and had been a Christian for many years of my life, grew up in church, and started getting to know Him more and more as I grew older, it never seemed to completely cover those desires for a boyfriend, or someone to just admire me…until the time came when I royally messed up. When I  made some of the biggest mistakes of my life, felt depressed, dirty, unworthy, and nothing but regret…I found that Jesus still wanted me. In fact, not only did he still desire me, and love me in my sin and dirtiness, but He followed me there, reached down into my depression and filth, and He pulled me out of it. He forgave me, healed me, and loved me through every single bit of it…and while he was doing that, I was truly beginning to realize that He was all I ever needed all along. He loved me more than any person, man, family member, or friend ever could…He saw the depths of my heart in some of its deepest, darkest places, and still said to me, “You are worthy, and beautiful, and I will always love you.”

Ever since that time, my heart has truly been His, and I have been surprised at how BEAUTIFUL I feel.

AND THEN…to top it all off…about 3&1/2 years down the road from that point, God decided to give me one of the deepest desires of my heart, someone to share my life with, and love in the same way Jesus had loved me, a husband…a man that I can’t imagine being any more perfect than he already is. He is a man who not only finds me beautiful, but loves me with a Jesus kind of love.

If God has shown me anything about beauty over the years, it is that we are ALL beautiful in our own ways, and that loving others makes us even more beautiful.

Don’t wish that you were anyone else.

Don’t compare yourself to those around you.

Don’t hate yourself for not being thin, or wish you had a “perfect” body.

Don’t wish that you were prettier, or think that if you were then you would be more loved…

God loves you and made you in His image. Before you were even born, He knew you, loved you, and saw everything single beautiful thing about you.

Beauty does not come from what is on the outside…it’s not the makeup, or the hair, or the body, or the amount of people that like you…

Beauty comes when you truly come to realize how deeply you are loved by a most beautiful and perfect God, and nothing can separate you from that love. THAT will make you feel beautiful!

Let’s encourage each other, and lift one another up. Let’s make each other feel beautiful with that Jesus kind of love!


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