“Beautiful Nail…Just One Nail…Do I Get To Pick Which One?”

Hey guys!! So first thing is first…if you didn’t understand my title of this blog post, we have a big problem…jk…but seriously you guys, it’s a reference to an Anjelah Johnson comedy act, and if you haven’t seen that, you must do that immediately…RIGHT HERE!.
Secondly, can we talk about this amazing nail polish color I’ve got going on in this picture??…So it’s actually a gel/shellac polish color, China Glaze Gelaze Polish in Fifth Avenue , and it’s only $12 at Sally’s Beauty Supply! Now, I will say that it is specifically gel/shellac color, and needs to be cured with a UV lamp, but good news is you can find one of those on Amazon!Processed with VSCO with a4 preset I’ve linked the CND Brisa, which is the UV lamp that I have at home, and it is fantastic! CND is definitely one of the greatest nail brands, but if you can’t swing $200 right now, (which is totally understandable because I got mine on sale for $100) and you are looking for something a bit cheaper, you might check out this SUNUV lamp for $55 or this, slightly cheaper SUNUV, for $30. BUT I will say that I would recommend spending the extra $$ on the CND because it is a good brand, and the quality is often more important when it comes to machinery if you ask me! PLUS, you will use this so often, that you’ll definitely get your money’s worth out of the lamp! I mean one shellac mani in the salon nowadays is what, like $25 or $30?? I also used a cnd base coat and top coat polish, which you can also find on Amazon, and I highly recommend using to make your mani last!

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

So when I give myself a manicure at home, I first clip, file, and buff my nails, then clean the nail with acetone, all before applying polish. When I finally go to apply my polish, I do the following:

Step 1: Apply base coat, and cure for 1 minute in the UV lamp.

Step 2: Apply first color coat, and cure for 2 minutes in UV lamp.

Step 3: Apply second color coat, and also cure for 2 minutes in UV lamp.

Step 4: Apply top coat curing for 1 minute in UV lamp.

Step 5: Use acetone on a cotton ball to wipe down each nail, and remove “sticky” residue.

AND THAT’S ALL SHE WROTE!!…Seriously it is that easy! It’s super fun, and the shellac polish lasts WAY longer than regular nail polish!


SO….next item up for discussion, is the beautiful blanket used in the picture above! I have gotten several questions about where I received this blanket, and so I thought I would fill you guys in! It is a super soft big knit blanket from Loosely that my husband bought for me this Christmas, and it is absolutely PERFECT to use as a background for pictures! You can find that lovely little blanket here, and be sure to grab it fast because its currently on sale! Yep! That’s right! (You’re very welcome for this coveted information).

Well lovelies, that is all I have for you today! I hope you enjoyed this post, and the info shared! Be sure to like this post if it was helpful to you because it lets me know which posts are more beneficial and fun for YOU as a reader! Also follow my blog in order to find out when I make new posts!

Love you all, and Be Blessed!


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